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I just finished your memoir, and it is an amazing project. Praise Yah, He put it into you to share your ups and downs, your journey, the realness of being a woman entrepreneur who is not perfect, but is striving for the perfect you in every way. I love what you have done. It is most definitely needed for any woman. I learned a great deal. It's really amazing, sis.


It's so inspiring. It's so you. It's so vast. And it's so specific to us. I'm so proud of you for sharing with us at that level.


Although I know that your aim is to reach women, your excellence and expectations to do so reached me and has kept me anchored to the port of Smell Good Spa. I have never felt like you were isolating the women and rejecting men, and your book proved that. You are a woman, with a concrete identity, that does not cause bruises and cuts if someone should trip and fall over misunderstanding you. You provided me with another lens to view you through, so your transparency started way before now. It did refresh me. Thank you for giving this and preparing the table for such conversations. If this message was chicken for the ladies, that's cool, because I eat crumbs, too.